Dear Lonestar Family

As our district is closed in response to the COVID-19 pandemic, I wanted to take a moment and reassure you that we are committed to the education of your child/children while we are away from school. This time in education is difficult as we all are working through the concerns of not being in our classrooms, doing what we love … TEACHING YOUR KIDDO!

Educating your child is our number one priority. While education at this time is looking different than our normal daily routines, please use these resources to help you continue, promote and support the love of learning for your child.

If you have access to a smartphone, tablet, ipad, laptop, desktop, or smart tv, you should be able to utilize these services. Please remember that even a little practice everyday helps to retain information and create new growth! Many teachers are communicating with their classes and they may be giving you information to use as well. Please continue to check our Facebook page and answer school reach calls as they will supply you useful and beneficial information moving forward.

To our students, we hope that you are doing well. We miss you like crazy and think of you always. And above all else …. YOU are special, YOU are important, YOU are amazing …. and …. WE LOVE YOU MUCHO BUNCHES!

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